Welcome to The North Essex Centre

Welcome to The North Essex Centre, part of The Caravan and Motorhome Club.

We offer members a chance to relax throughout the year at venues that you may not otherwise see, along with people who have a common interest in caravanning. Getting booked on is easy Book Online Now 

Relaxing & Inexpensive

Majority of our events are local and based within Essex, they are usually run from Friday to Sunday with the exception of Bank Holidays where we run Friday to Monday. No need to rush off either as the majority allow you to stay on the event field until 3pm. We also run a bi-annual continental holiday event and a yearly holiday event within the UK.

Most of our event sites do not offer electric hook up, so we use battery, gas and solar power, but please do not be deterred, you can easily last a weekend on your caravan battery and gas without the use of a solar panel.  Plus, our members are a friendly bunch and will happily offer a helping hand if you find yourself unstuck.

Many of our weekend events cost less than £35 for two nights, exceptional value for money.

Something For Everybody

We are a family friendly centre and try to involve all children and grandchildren to enjoy caravan life

If you are a keen Angler we have a fishing section and offer events throughout the year either next to or a short distance from a lake or river, whether you choose just to fish for pleasure or take part in our yearly competitions is entirely your choice.

And for the Home Brewers… We have set up our very own home brew section “The North Essex Arms”. Members can bring along their creations and test them out on others, always makes for great entertainment!

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